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Advanced vision-based system

The AiVA system utilizes advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to ‘detect’ pedestrians, enhancing operator situational awareness around forklifts, industrial equipment, and heavy machinery.

Rugged, weatherproof camera

Four or more cameras are installed on a vehicle to provide a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the surroundings. The durable and weather-resistant camera captures real-time video footage of the surroundings and is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Pedestrian Detection Ranges

Accurately detects pedestrians at ranges of 8 meters and beyond, providing visual and audio alerts using speakers and LEDs on a segmented screen.

Operator remote

Provides a comprehensive aerial perspective of the vehicle’s surroundings, presenting locations and delivering voice prompts to the operator.

Weatherproof speaker

The operator remote features a weatherproof speaker that alerts operators to pedestrians with loud voice prompts.

Customizable Detection Zoning

Offers configurable detection zones to easily adapt to your environment.

Speed limiting (add-on)

Automatically reduces vehicle speed when a pedestrian is detected within 3m.

Cloud storage (add-on)

Store event data and video snippets of safety incidents in the cloud for analytics, training and continuous improvement.

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Speedshield Technologies

AiVA Pedestrian Detection System

AiVA Pedestrian Detection System

The ‘Artificial Intelligence Vision Assist’ (AiVA) system from Speedshield Technologies is a vision-based system designed to ‘see’ pedestrians using advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence.

The system is designed to increase operator situational awareness by automatically detecting and advising when pedestrians approach forklifts, access equipment, or other heavy machinery in operation.

The AiVA System Includes:

  • AiVA camera
  • AiVA operator remote
  • AiVA mounting bracket
  • Wiring harness
  • Screw set
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Technical Specifications

AiVA Datasheet

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Technical Specifications

AiVA User Guide

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Technical Specifications

AiVA Instructions Manual

Download AiVA Instructions Manual