For this Australian mining giant, worker safety is a top priority. So, the company needed a game-changing solution to prevent collisions with heavy equipment across its five mining sites in Western Australia.


Mining giant BHP needed a cutting-edge solution to enhance forklift safety measures across its mining operations.

“Speedshield Technologies has demonstrated professionalism and expertise throughout the implementation process, making it a smooth and collaborative experience for our operational team.”


Speedshield Technologies installed its AiVA pedestrian detection system across BHP’s fleet of forklifts operating in the five mines. The robust weatherproof (sand and dust resistant) cameras and speaker systems were straight-forward to install and adaptable in Western Australia’s dynamic, rugged environment. AiVA also has a cooling system that doesn’t require cleaning, and the ability to detect pedestrians at a close distance has proven invaluable.


AiVA has significantly enhanced safety measures at BHP’s mining operations. It gives forklift and mining equipment operators real-time visibility, empowering them with comprehensive insights to make informed decisions and optimize security protocols.

The ability of AiVA to detect pedestrians in the vicinity of BHP’s forklifts, coupled with its advanced audio and visual warning system, has played a crucial role in preventing potential accidents and ensuring the safety of the company’s workforce.