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Advanced LCD display

Provides easy-to-read updates on battery health and performance.

Works seamlessly with telemetry products

Measures key parameters around energy delivery into and out of electric heavy batteries.

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Speedshield Technologies

Battery Data Recorder (BDR)

Battery Data Recorder (BDR)

Battery Data Recorder (‘BDR’) is a fleet management solution that provides valuable insights into how to better care for batteries and maximize their performance and life.

Exchanging data with on-board vehicle systems and effortlessly streaming data directly to the cloud, Battery Data Recorder (‘BDR’) monitors usage, alerts users of potential battery issues, and transforms your facility’s vehicles into an intelligent fleet operation.

With Speedshield’s BDR, you can now take charge your batteries. Purchase Battery Data Recorder ('BDR') stand-alone or in a 'Kit' with a wiring harness and screws for easy installation.

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