When it came time to renew its fleet of material handling equipment across Australia, Qantas Freight needed to improve its risk profile and ensure it met and exceeded safety targets.


Qantas Freight is an industry leader in OH&S and wanted to elevate the rate of safety compliance across its workforce.

This included increasing seatbelt use, ensuring licensed and authorized equipment operations, and implementing equipment speed and damage control across its fleet.


Speedshield’s Fleet Online system provided Qantas Freight with a fully integrated driver verification system using the Aviation Security Identification Card (‘ASIC’) card required by Airport Authorities. It adheres to the tight security framework that governs the  ASIC card and the use of Qantas Freight’s fleet.

Vehicle speed is intelligently controlled by RFID zone control, using smart tags embedded in the tarmac. Impact detection was installed on all equipment so incidents could be immediately investigated.


Fleet Online strengthened processes and helped identify training requirements within the operating group. This increased the accountability of individual equipment operators, which improved compliance and created a safer working environment for all employees.