Mobility solutions manufacturer Dana needed an innovative solution to control forklift speeds and ensure driver seatbelt usage within their mobile plant operations.


As part of Dana’s ongoing goal of reducing potential accidents and improving safety on-site, Dana needed a sound solution to reduce the maximum forklift speed and ensure strict adherence to seatbelt protocols.


Speedshield Technologies implemented two specialized solutions to address Dana’s safety challenges. The Speed and Acceleration Control system ensured a maximum vehicle speed was set across Dana’s fleet of forklifts. In contrast, the Logic Based Driver Restraint system ensured drivers used vehicle seatbelts correctly.


By implementing our solutions, users can access a sophisticated system that leverages seat, seatbelt, and handbrake interlocks to trigger alarms and initiate automatic vehicle shutdown. These capabilities are further enhanced with customizable time settings, guaranteeing precise engagement and disengagement of interlocks by operators.