Alcan engaged Speedshield Technologies to cap vehicle speeds in two of its cable engineering plants and enforce seatbelt compliance among operators.


Alcan required a solution to control forklift speed across different areas of its factories. The company also wanted 100% seatbelt compliance for all its forklift operators.

With over ten forklifts in heavy-duty, congested industrial sites, controlled speeds, and driver compliance are critical to safety.


Alcan began by implementing two Speedshield SSV Speed Control units at its Roseburg plant. This controlled travel speeds on its Hyster 5-tonne forklifts to a maximum of 5mph indoors and 9mph outdoors when doing the longer building-to-building runs.


This improved safety still allowed vehicle movements to be efficient in less congested areas. The electronic sensors for the vehicle’s seatbelt saw 100% compliance.

Subsequently, Alcan has installed three more units at Roseburg. Its Sedalia Missouri plant has since put its first three units in service.